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1. Cross border warehouse logistics service

Since the operation of cross border businesses in 2014, Ningshing Ubay has stood out from the crowd and has grown up to provide comprehensive warehouse, logistics, customs affaires, and other services for cross border e-commerce from the single warehouse service with the tenent of constantly satisfying customer need. As to timeliness of logistics, delivery on the same day or the next day is available, and the full chain effective time is controlled within 3.5 days nationwide.

Cross border warehouse of Ningshing Ubay is one of the five warehouses of Cainiao spreading around China. In June 2017, it ranked No. 1 in terms of both comprehensive ranking and individual competition of Cainiao national warehouse CP operation.

2. Bonded warehouse logistics service

Bonded warehouse logistics of Ningshing Ubay has favorable management system and fine integrity. As to logistics processes, conform to the regulations of customs management, strictly abide by customs clearance rules for export and import, provide owners of cargos with logistics services of high quality and meeting the rules, carry out custody, warehouse, packaging, delivery, reclaim and exchange of goods in strict line with the requirements of owners, and ensure the goods could be delivered to the owners correctly, fast, timely and with quality.

3. Food warehouse and logistics service

Ningshing Ubay is a relatively large specialized company of bonded foods warehouse. For foods warehouse, it specially engages in the integrated services of import declaration, declaration for inspection and quarantine, warehouse, distribution within urban area of Ningbo and transport and delivery to and from various places in China of bonded foods, red wines and drinks imported through Ningbo, with complete organizations, rich experience and perfect facilities. Ningshing Ubay has the bonded foods warehouse and is able to provide import bonded business services and relevant customs clearance and inspection services, as well as the print and labeling of Chinese labels. The warehouse is equipped with food circulation license, and the company has fine management system and experience.

4. Warehouse service for general trade

In terms of warehouse service for general trade, Ningshing Ubay is able to provide professional customs clearance consulting supports, diversified transportation solutions and rich experience in transportation nationwide. With the import and export operation right of our own, we have accumulated abundant experience in customs clearance. By taking advantage of our perfect warehouse services, we could provide domestic customers with all-sided supporting services at the source of supply of import goods, including door-to-door delivery, customs clearance and transfer, and handle import duties and foreign exchange offset on behalf of customers. Additionally, warehouse services for general trade also include the following value-added services:

(1)Accept goods according to power of attorney of customers and warehousing notice;

(2)Temporary storage, warehouse, repacking, pallet, sticking shipping mark and labeling of goods;

(3)Booking cargo space, picking up containers, encasement, docking and customs clearance;

(4)Enquiry and tracking of goods under abnormal conditions;

(5)Notice of damaged goods by taking pictures and coordinated treatment;

(6)Documents management/foreign trade agency.

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